Brown Denim & Leather Button Up

Brown leather and light denim button up with green and gold accents




This unique woven denim button-down took over five months to construct. Using oil base paints that make the color sit within the 6oz denim material. A total of 4 acid dye baths were used, in addition to the baths, a total of 12 different washes were performed to create this one of a kind color scheme. The latex paint used sits nicely on the surface of the shirt to balance the mix of oil and latex paints that were used. The buttons are wooden and engraved. The switched pocket shirt made from 100% Italian leather, from out private family owned factory. This shirt also include PVC logos and laser engraved tags and a rear logo that is laser cut all the way through and stitched to perfection.

*PVC Logos

* Italian leather

* Laser engraved wooden buttons

* 6 oz bull denim

* laser cut rear leather logo

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